Auto Injuries

At Uptown Natural Care Center we specialize in helping people who have suffered an injury in an automobile accident get back on their feet. We treat many of the common injuries sustained in auto accidents including whiplash, back strains, headaches, extremity sprains and more.

The best thing you can do for YOURSELF is to contact a doctor that is specialized in treating soft tissue injuries, such as a chiropractor, as soon as possible. Too often an injured party will worry more about their vehicle and neglect their injuries by assuming they will just go away on their own. This may lead to many more problems later on.

Auto injuries can cause actual changes to the structures of our bodies resulting in long term problems such as recurring neck and back pain and headaches. When injuries are dealt with quickly they are more likely to result in better outcomes.

If you have been injured and would like to schedule an appointment please call us at 612.377.7760 or contact us here for more information. Your health is the most important thing you have so you should do all you can to take care of it!